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Express Yourself Through Art,

Yoga, Dance, and Music

Unleashing your artistic side can open the mind to new and compelling ideas and engender discovery of passions and intellect. Thus, finding ways to be more creative, through art, dance, music, and expressive yoga, will enrich the soul and provide inspiration for future ventures.

Explore and find yourself with US!


Living life to its fullest is a common goal, and it can be possible if you let your guard down and be open to new adventures and growth. Sometimes people get locked into certain personas and thoughts, where the monotony of an average workweek hinders spontaneity, novelty, and the imagination. By shaking things up in creative and artistic ways, it paves the way for enlightenment and personal development.


ART Classes



Art classes, art workshops, private events led by an artistic soul, Ramune.

Whether you are an experienced artist with natural born talents, or you think you can only draw a stick figure but want to explore and unleash your creative side, join us! Each one of us has an inner art ability and our own unique creative expression!

Colorful Journey will be holding weekly gatherings and exploring different kinds of art healing techniques and methods such as; alcohol ink art, dot painting, fractal drawing method, zentangle art, mandala drawing (dotting mandalas & watercolor mandalas).

The focus of each drawing method will be guided by Ramune.
All the necessary supplies are always provided.


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